Setting up a repeater bridge with DD-WRT and D-Link DIR-600

I wanted to extend the Wi-Fi range by using my D-Link DIR-600 Rev. B. DD-WRT allows configuring a repeater bridge. This seamlessly links up two routers wirelessly. The repeater bridge is especially useful because the second router allows both wired and wireless connections.

Thankfully, repeater bridge is supported on DD-WRT on the DIR-600. I followed the instructions on the DD-WRT wiki, but kept encountering problems. After following through the instructions and applying the settings, I would see two SSIDs broadcasting from the router, and any device connected to the second router could not reach the first router. In addition, the network connections would drop intermittently. After much trial and error, flashing different versions, and searching the Internet, I realised what the problem was! It was from adding the virtual interface!

I re-setup the router, this time omitting the step to add the virtual interface, and everything worked perfectly! My DIR-600 works like a proper repeater, and wireless devices would seamlessly roam across the routers depending on the signal strength. Job well done!

Here are the steps I did (adapted from the DD-WRT Wiki). My primary router is configured with WPA2 AES. The secondary router is running DD-WRT build 14311. The latest build in the DD-WRT router database, build 14896, is buggy.

  • Restore Factory Defaults on Secondary (DD-WRT) Router
  • Connect your computer to the secondary router via wired LAN port.
  • Open the address in your web browser. Newer versions of DD-WRT will require you to set a password before you can continue.
  • Open the Wireless -> Basic Settings tab
    • Physical Interface Section
      • Wireless Mode : Repeater Bridge
      • Wireless Network Mode : Must Match Primary Router
      • Wireless Network Name(SSID) : Must Match Primary Router exactly including exact case- Make sure you spell this correctly
      • Wireless Channel : Must Match Primary Router (This will disappear once you put it in RB mode, and isn’t needed)
      • Wireless SSID Broadcast : Enable
      • Network Configuration : Bridged
    • Save
  • Open the Wireless -> Wireless Security tab
    • Physical Interface Section
      • Security Mode : Must Match Primary Router and DD-wrt only works reliably with WEP or WPA2-AES
      • WPA Algorithms : Must Match Primary Router
      • WPA Shared Key : Must Match Primary Router
      • Key Renewal Interval (in seconds) : Leave default
    • Save
  • Open the Setup -> Basic Setup tab
    • Connection Type will be: Disabled
    • Set STP for Disabled (Enabled sometimes can cause connection problems) redhawk
    • IP Address : (Assuming Primary Router IP is
    • Mask :
    • Gateway: (again assuming Primary Router IP is
    • DHCP Server: Disable
    • Local DNS: (if IP of Primary Router is
    • Assign WAN Port to Switch : Optionally enable this to use the WAN port as another LAN port.
    • Save
  • Open Setup -> Advanced Routing tab
    • Set Operating mode to “Router”
    • Save
  • Open Services
    • Disable Dnsmasq
    • Save
  • Open the Security -> Firewall tab
    • Uncheck all boxes…except Filter Multicast
    • Disable SPI firewall
    • APPLY Settings
  • Reboot the router.



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  1. Work flawless with DLink DIR-615 R2.
    Nice tutorial, easy to use, very useful. Thanks! 🙂

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